Made with real ginger, and developed as a direct response to customer request, this exceptional flavour provides a welcome alternative for patients looking to try something completely new. The addition of Ginger means that AYMES Shake has the widest variety of flavours¹, ideal for patients who are suffering with taste fatigue or dealing with changes in taste.
A recent palatability study revealed that 90% of participants liked the taste² and rated the appearance and consistency positively.

At just 49p per serving, this excellent-value, high-protein ONS contains 383 calories and 19g protein.
1.     Compared to Ensure Shake, Fresubin Powder Extra, Foodlink Complete and Complan
2.     AYMES Data on File – AYMES Shake Ginger Palatability Study. December 2019

At AYMES, we support a food first approach to nutrition and have developed recipe guides to support patients in returning to preparing food, and to add variety to their diets. Here are just two recipes that have been designed using AYMES Shake Ginger. Find more here.

Ginger Bread And Butter Pudding
Ginger Smoothie